Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is Trichinosis and How Big a Problem Is It? GUEST BLOG

Todays guest blogger is Miranda

Trichinosis is an infection caused by the consumption if improperly cooked meats such as pork and bear. Most of the contaminated meat is wild game that has been improperly cooked.

The larvae of Trichinella spiralis are in meat, and it migrates through the human body in order to embed itself in muscle tissue or intestinal walls. These larvae mature and reproduce. The new larvae attack new host organs while the old are excreted. The incident rate has decreased in the US and it is very uncommon. There are about 30 cases a year and they mainly pertain to wild game consumption. It is a common disease across the globe. It can be treated with antibiotics, but many times symptoms go on without being noticed. The larvae can live dormant for years and symptoms can range from unnoticeable to fatal. The best way to prevent the infection is by freezing the meat or cooking it to a high temperature.

Source: http://www.cahfs.umn.edu/prod/groups/cvm/@pub/@cvm/@migrate/documents/asset/cvm_48856.pdf


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  2. Now, that I see how we get sick from raw or undercooked meat, it makes me wonder about animals. How come animals don't get sick when they eat raw meat?