Friday, March 19, 2010

Since cheese is a mold, is mold on cheese bad to eat? GUEST BLOG

Today's blog is written by Miranda.

Depending on the type of cheese, the mold on cheese could be more or less dangerous. Hard cheese is dense and the mold most likely cannot penetrate into the cheese. The mold can easily be cut off. Cheese made with mold could be more hazardous to eat if it gets moldy. Mold that the cheese was not made with has a higher probability of being dangerous. Soft cheeses can easily have mold and bacteria growing together due to the moister content. The soft cheeses should be thrown out.



  1. Is it still okay if you cook the cheese?

  2. I couldn't find any research over mold being cooked. But if you do cook bacteria it kills them, so maybe it is less dangerous to eat mold that has been cooked.