Monday, March 29, 2010

How Old Do Octopi Get and How Strong Are They? GUEST BLOG

Today's guest blogger is Rachel.

The life span of octopi varies from different species. The larger octopi usually live longer than the smaller ones for example, the giant octopus, O. dofleini is thought to live for 3-5 years. Whereas some of the smaller spices tend to live for only a year or two. Besides the species the water temperature also seems to have an effect on the life span. The giant octopus, O. dofleini lives the longest at temps of 10 C or so.
Octopuses are known also to be very strong for their size. An example of their incredible strength is some octopuses kept as pets have been known to open the covers of their aquariums and survive for a time in the air in order to get to a nearby feeder tank and gorge themselves on the fish there. They have also been known to catch and kill some species of sharks. Although they are incredibly strong their strength is mostly used for movement rather than as a predator, they use their strength to propel and escape from their predators and also to open shells and move obstacles. The more dangerous aspect of octopuses is their poisons from their bite.

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  1. Scientists have found that octopuses have expesions. Scientists used HDTV to see the octopuse's expresion. The Scientists put a picture of a crab on the TV and the octopuse quickly swam over it to rap the crab into its arms so it could eat the crab. Thats the expression for when the octopuse see a crab.
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