Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What makes my eye twitch?

This information comes form Dr. David Wolf, an optometric physician:

Eyelid twitches can be annoying, but they usually go away in a few days. Many things can contribute to eyelid twitching, including:

• Bright lights
• Caffeine
• Dry eyes
• Eye infection
• Eye inflammation
• Fatigue
• Prolonged computer use
• Sleep deprivation
• Stress

To help prevent or alleviate eye twitches:

• Avoid or limit caffeine, not just in coffee or tea, but in chocolate, pain relievers, diet pills, and cold medicine as well.
• Get plenty of sleep.
• Limit the time you spend in bright light.
• Practice stress management techniques, such as deep breathing, soaking in a hot tub, listening to soothing music, or exercising most days.
• Take plenty of breaks when you work on a computer.
• Use a rewetting eye drop.
• Wear UV-protective sunglasses.

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