Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is it in food that makes me like some things and hate others?

Lots of things can cause someone to love one food and hate another. It could be the texture of the food, the smell or look of the food, or a cultural preference for a food because it reminds you of family traditions.
Scientists have found that people have a preference for creamy sensations as well as for foods that start off solid and melt in the mouth such as ice cream and chocolate.

Another factor in food preferences: People vary—probably based on genetics—in their ability to detect other textures, such as fat, and bitter and sweet tastes. Valerie Duffy, a registered dietitian and professor in the department of allied health science at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn., has shown in her research that adults with a gene that makes bitter tastes more intense consume fewer vegetables containing bitter compounds, such as kale or spinach.

So you can see that taste preferences are really a very complex topic and you would be hard pressed to find a friend who had exactly the same favorite food as you do.

Source: Wall Street Journal 11/8/10

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