Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Can I Get Rid of Horse Thrush?

Equine Thrush is caused by an anaerobic bacteria that gives rise to the growth of a fungus (yeast). If a horse is kept in a stall that is clean and dry it should never get Equine Thrush. Introducing oxygen into the stall shaving through use of a shovel or pitch fork will take care of any anaerobic bacteria as they diet as soon as they come into contact with air.

If thrush does manage to creep up on you and your horse, don't worry – treating it is actually fairly simple. You might first call your farrier so that he can thoroughly clean and trim your horse's hooves (particularly the frog area). This will make it easier for your horse's hooves to aerate, plus you can apply medication more directly to the infected areas.

Two products that are highly regarded by farriers for their effectiveness are Kopertox and Thrush Remedy by Absorbine, but just squirting some on the hoof generally isn't enough since the liquid may not reach all the nooks and crannies of the infected frog. Instead of squirting those products onto the infected area try applying the medication with a cotton swab. (Wrapping cotton around a stick or hoof pick does the trick.)

DO NOT apply bleach or hydrogen peroxide to a horse’s feet. These so-called “treatments” will burn the healthy tissues of the frog and actually retard healing.

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