Monday, May 10, 2010

Are Sleeping Pills Addicitve?

Sleeping pills can be addictive over time. Not being able to get asleep or stay asleep is a common problem making sleeping pills a frequently used solution.

Sleeping pills work on the central nervous system and slow down the nerve impulses to the brain. Some sleeping pills can make you feel thick headed the next morning. With regular use your body develops a tolerance and requires a higher dose to put you to sleep.

There are several over the counter sleeping aids that are not addictive and are best for people with only occasional sleeping problems. If you're struggling with chronic insomnia, don't rely on antihistamines or other over-the-counter sleep aids for a good night's sleep. Lifestyle changes — rather than sleep aids — are usually the best approach. Start with the basics, such as:

■Following a regular sleep schedule
■Avoiding caffeine and daytime naps
■Including physical activity in your daily routine
■Managing stress


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